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Accelerate conversions and booked meetings with Startup Accelerator today.

If you’re not optimizing your Drift playbooks to their full potential, you’re leaving conversions on the table

Want to get even more out of Drift?

Increase visitor interactions with proven playbooks created by Drift’s top-performing partner, Molly Duggan Associates.​ Let the experts at Molly Duggan Associates show you how, with dramatically increased conversion rates can double in just a few weeks.

Molly Duggan’s Conversation Orchestrator service increased customer engagement both with high-intent buyers and visitors seeking a ClearSale solution.

Is your startup missing critical opportunities?

We remove the friction by aligning your marketing campaigns with Virtual Selling Assistants so you can focus on growing your business.

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We created Startup Accelerator to get you started. Limits apply to the number of playbooks and stakeholder interviews.

All plans include:

  • Drift engagement best practices, 
  • Playbook creation, 
  • Stakeholder interview(s) — We get up to speed with pain points, education, qualifications, and solutions.
  • Drift setup best practices, and 
  • Setting up common 3rd party integrations.

Simply click apply now. We will ask you a few questions and schedule a follow-up meeting!

Drift Startup plans support Salesforce, Hubspot, Outreach, Bizible, Google Analytics, and more. View all their integrations in detail here. Outside of Drift integrations, Molly Duggan Associates can help you with any of your MarTech needs with a strong focus on Hubspot.

The Startup Accelerator Program is a 30-day plan with two tiers to get you started.
Because we want to offer smaller startups a higher discount since they are operating with fewer resources, each plan has certain limitations based on the number of playbooks you’d like to get started with.

  • Plan 1: One Playbook (Example: Catchall playbook that handles pricing, education, and meeting scheduling
  • Plan 2: Three playbooks (Example: Catchall, pricing, and contact us playbooks)
    Once accepted into Drift’s startup program, we will share the pricing with you for both plans.

If you need more playbooks after your introduction with our Startup Accelerator Program — which we know you will — we offer a discounted monthly support plan just for startups that you can start and stop anytime.

Create successful interactions with all of your website visitors

Conversation Orchestrator virtual assistants reduce student anxiety and frustration by answering common questions and tasks with automation while enabling more time for the critical one-on-one human interactions and even scheduling them.

Start creating conversations. Not forms.

Conversation Orchestrator’s virtual assistant is not your typical simple human-powered chatbot. Start using Conversation Orchestrator on your website and turn conversations into actions with automation with sophisticated workflows. Rather than depending on traditional forms and phone calls that are inefficient, start connecting in real-time with intelligence.

Do you need a Conversation Orchestrator?

Get conversational marketing support services. Speak to us today.

Understanding common customer pain points and leveraging this understanding lays the foundation for educational engagements and increases visitor engagement. Offering relevant content and crafting a personalized conversation helps customers proceed confidently along their buying journey.